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We promise to publish books and anthologies by authors whose works desperately need to be told-­-­mainly, those folks targeted for their race/gender/sexual orientation as well as those living in diaspora who are told that their stories are simply "too much". Our publications will celebrate womanhood and femmehood in all of its different forms.

Each year, Athenian will publish one volume of its anthology that will feature a broad range of voices and styles. To the founders of Athenian, diversity in publishing means not just race, but also gender identity, religious upbringing, socioeconomic status, mental health, sexual orientation, etc. Please consider this when submitting your work.

In addition to our anthology, Athenian Press hopes to publish one full-­length book project each year, whether it be a novel, memoir, poetry collection, or something in between. Our press will give the opportunity for a female/femme author to find a home for the book that historically white or male-dominated presses might label unmarketable.

At Athenian, we strive to publish the writing that may be considered too radical or subversive to other presses. We find it important that both the book and the author find themselves addressing some form of feminism or the values that feminism preaches. 


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