Athenian Membership

Located in a historic home at the corner of Dawson Street and Wrightsville Avenue, The Athenian House offers a safe haven for women, gender non-conforming, and trans creators to find their voice through writing, art and any other form of expression. The voices of femme creators has long been stifled, particularly those of color.  Athenian House provides a space for these individuals to create, share, and find a sense of community. 


Membership Tiers

Champions of Athenian - $100 per year / $60 for 6 months

  • safe-space subscription box
  • quarterly book subscription
  • booking space at the Athenian House 
  • private meetings at the Athenian House 
  • discounts on new book titles  
  • waived fees to events
  • Athenian t-shirt 
  • access to members only hours*

Friends of the Owl (Student Membership) - $60 per year / $40 for 6 months

  • discounts in the bookstore 
  • waived fees to events
  • athenian t-shirt 
  • access to members only hours* 

Ambassador of Athenian - $$ per year (inquire for sliding scale rates) 

  • become an Athenian rep! Wear your Athenian t-shirt loud and proud!
  • access to member's only hours* 

Quarterly Book Subscription (add-on) - $10 per year

  • have a hand-picked book sent to you four times a year!
Membership Registration starting
from 40.00

Membership cards are given in-person at The Athenian House

Friends of the Owl Membership: Must show valid student ID

Athenian Ambassador: We don’t want economic barriers to hinder the communities we serve from gaining access to Athenian Membership perks.