Featured Artist


Come check out our featured artist of the month, Heather Divoky, and her exhibit "Queens"! Her work will be on display through the end of July.

Heather Divoky is an artist living and working in Wilmington, North Carolina. She has worked in the Arts as a creator, curator, historian, designer, and administrator. Heather’s art has shown in Nashville, the Netherlands, and all over North Carolina. Her primary concern is story-telling through great detail and color. She frequently uses her environment and its history as an inspiration, obsessively researching a subject until she is ready to illustrate it. Divoky works with marker, ink, wire, and stained glass, although she is always trying new media and techniques. 


Closing Reception

Friday, July 27, 6 to 9 p.m. 

Artist statement:

On a superficial level, the body of work that came together for QUEENS was one of cohesive beauty. I use a combination of wire and illustration to create pieces with mermaids, crowns, and even a Godly figure. I wanted pretty things, yes, but I want to pay tribute to things that negate pretty: the mundane, the broken, and adversity. In each of these pieces, therefore, a message sits for it's intended honoree - largely women, people of color, femmes, trans, and gender non-conforming communities. This was particularly important, as the content for this show was heavily influenced by the space itself, the Athenian House. 

It's imperative that spaces like this, which welcome marginalized voices of creativity, are not only available but celebrated. I hope my work adds to the celebration by focusing on the message of Athenian House. I hope that despite the things we go through, we are able to find safety in one another, and beauty in hardship, and inspiration in remembering the queens that came before us.