Our resistance. Our voice. 


Athenian aims to cultivate a creative, inclusive space for marginalized voices, to provide tools and resources for women, femmes, people of color, trans, and gender nonconforming writers, and to transform the world of publishing by disrupting oppressive constructs of femininity, sexuality, and race.


    We are an anti-racist, feminist, creative organization that . . .

    • adopts language as a vehicle for social change;
    • employs writing as a way to resist, express oneself, promote creativity, encourage collaboration, find healing, and award power;
    • promotes marginalized voices and unrepresented writers in publishing, especially folks of color, queer folks, and trans/GNC folks;
    • creates a community that values all femininities, gender identities, sexualities, races, (dis)abilities, and nationalities.

    Core Values

    Social justice




    Artistic excellence

    Creativity and imagination

    Community building

    Sustainability and independence